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By | 1 April 2020
See the further fate of the anime heroes Black Clover in episode 128! Only with us you can watch the premiere episodes of Black Clover with subtitles! The latest episode of Black Clover a few hours after the premiere in Japan! Watch online with subtitles now! The series depicts the fate of a fifteen-year-old boy named Asta, who strives to become the Emperor of magic, that is, being the strongest magician in the kingdom. It won’t be easy for many reasons. One of them is that his magically gifted half brother Yuno pursues the same goal. In addition, the basic problem is that Asta has no detectable or known magic in her body! However, it turns out that he is more fortunate than reason – he receives an extremely rare Grymuar five-leaf clover, which provides him with anti-magic power! Can anyone who cannot use magic power become the Magic Emperor? One thing is certain – our hero will never give up! My magic is perseverance!


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