Boruto episode 150

By | 25 March 2020
When Boruto finishes protecting Tentou, along with Sarada and Mitsuki, he is admitted to a new, difficult mission of rank B. Young Uzumaki is excited about this fact, but when he finds in his wallet the very rare Gamaki card he wanted, he realizes that it is Tentou he had to put her there, so he decides to visit the boy at the hotel. Upon reaching the destination, he realizes that Tentou is in danger. Will Boruto decide to help his dear friend? Through our website you can watch the premiere episodes of the anime Boruto in HD quality – 720/1080 p. All episodes have subtitles, so the pleasure of watching Boruto online becomes even better! Don’t miss any episodes and stay with us on a regular basis!


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Bourto episode 150

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