Dragon Ball Heroes (anime) EPISODE 19 – Universal Conflict Arc

By | 19 January 2020

Gogeta charges up a big yellow energy blast and launches it at the meteor, the meteor would look to have stopped but Hearts powers up a bit more shooting the meteor at Gogeta. Trunks then expresses his doubt saying that it’s to late. Piccolo then says “not if we can help it” then hit and jiren rush to Gogeta after Gogeta launches a Kamehameha at the meteor, almost stoping it, but Jiren and Hit fire a red and purple energy beam and they all mix and destroy the meteor, Gogeta launches at Hearts and they begin fighting but Gogeta easily overpowers hitting him in the face and then hitting him in the chest breaking the Universe Seed and as Hearts starts to disintegrate, he says in a relived tone “The Omni-King destroys universes on a whim. I only wished to free you all from that lack of autonomy. But you were dazzling and went past your limits. That’s why I adore you mortals.” As he fades away (Subtitles are never exact so translations may vary), then it is revealed that the Omni Kings were playing hide and seek during that whole battle, and Beerus was also there so maybe thats why the G.O.D.’s weren’t responding


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