Dragon Ball Heroes (anime) EPISODE 9 – Universal Conflict Arc

By | 19 January 2020

Vegeta and Trunks arrive in Universe 11, and discover that Hearts and his gang are already there attacking. Oren catches the Saiyans off-guard and possesses Vegeta’s body, gaining his immense power for himself. Trunks attacks Oren, but he is easily defeated. Meanwhile, Jiren is fighting Cumber: they appear to be evenly matched, so Cumber transforms into a Super Saiyan, but Jiren is still holding his own until Hearts appears and calls off the fight. Oren takes over fighting Jiren, while Hearts sends Cumber to attack Universe 3 instead. Kamin and Zamasu join the battle against Jiren; Trunks tries to help by attacking Zamasu, but Oren swiftly defeats him again. Just as Oren is about to finish off Trunks, Goku arrives with the Grand Minister. The Grand Minister departs, and Goku demonstrates that he now has control over Ultra Instinct. Zamasu tries to attack Goku, but Jiren intercepts him. Goku expels Oren from Vegeta’s body after easily defeating the former and Kamin, before turning his attention to Hearts.


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