By | 2 April 2020
See the further fate of the anime heroes Gleipnir (2020) episode 1! Only with us you can watch the premiere episodes of Gleipnir with subtitles! The latest episode of Gleipnir a few hours after the premiere in Japan! Watch online with subtitles now! Designed for young readers, the manga Sun Takeda, published since 2015 (the sixth volume of the cumulative edition will be released on March 19), will hit small screens. Her hero is Shuu’ichi Kagaya, an ordinary high school student from an ordinary small town. However, when his beautiful classmate finds himself in a dangerous situation, the boy discovers a really unusual ability: he can change into a great “dog” with an equally large revolver and a slider on the back … Not to mention the teeth. But this is only the beginning of his troubles, because the rescued girl is looking for her sister who killed their family, and will not stop at anything to achieve her goal.


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