Manga Dragon Ball Super – Chapter 58

By | 28 January 2020

The Manga Dragon Ball Super – Comic premiered on June 20, 2015 in the August issue of V-Jump magazine. Chapters appear in monthly serialization. The events in the Dragon Ball Super manga take place after the defeat of Pure Majin Bū, before the end of Z. The main adapted story does not differ from the movies God and God and the Rebirth of „F” or the animated series Dragon Ball Super, however the way of presenting different events sometimes differs significantly from the above listed. The „F” Rebirth and Broly saga is omitted (memories appear in the manga of these events). Some scenes differ significantly from their TV original. It seems that Toyotarō has a lot of freedom in drawing a comic and is only based on the script by Akira Toriyama or the animators of the series differ from the author’s idea.

For example, when Son Gokū trains in his field during a break from work, no opponents are shown in the series, while the comic presents the imaginary created by Saiyan Freezer, Cella and Bū; in the television version Beerus destroys half a certain planet, the adaptation says about the destruction of the whole, and the aliens reminiscent of humanoid saber mantis living in it differ from those of the animations whose appearance seems to have more of a humanoid boar, also in the comic their king is trying to poison Hakaishin, which not in the animation. Also known from the series Mister Satan limousine in the manga has been converted into a futuristic flying vehicle.


Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 58

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